Burglar Alarms

Wireless Intruder Alarms from E-Tec Services

E-Tec Services install Wireless and Wired Burglar Alarms across the Isle of Wight.

Wireless Burglar Alarms are the perfect solution to secure a home. They can be installed quickly and without a mess. Only the control panel needs a power supply. Everything else can be wire free.

Remote key fobs can set and part set the system without the need to go to the control panel.

The external siren has two pulsating LEDs. This is a very good deterrent to a burglar.

The control panel can connect to the Pyronix Cloud over your WiFi network. The phone App will alert you to any operations. You can check the status remotely and set the alarm if you forgot. The Pyronix Cloud Service is free for the first year.

A Cloud connected burglar alarm can have many advantages if you own a holiday home on the Isle of Wight.

Prices start from around £650.00 for small property to £800.00-£1000.00 for a three bed house or bungalow. Outbuildings can be kept protected when the main residence is occupied.

A yearly service plan, that includes the Cloud subscription and a scheduled battery change works out around £8.00-£10.00 a month for the first five years.

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